1. Why has HEINEKEN Malaysia created this campaign?

Many of our favourite bars and pubs are struggling. Since the first MCO back in 2020 to the second MCO last month, most have had to shut their doors or limit their operations. This has caused their income to drop significantly. Without help, they may never not survive.

Raise Our Bars has been created as a way to support them through this tough time.

It brings together hundreds of bars and restaurants across the country, with a centralised system allowing you to buy a voucher for a beer, stout, or cider from your favourite bar or restaurant.100% of the voucher purchase value will go directly to the bar or restaurant, to help them stay afloat. Even better, when you redeem your voucher, HEINEKEN Malaysia will give you an extra one for free (including a complimentary ‘Mystery Gift’ while stocks last) to thank you for your support.


2. How does it work?

Select a state to view all participating bars and pubs, or choose by brand. Choose your outlet, and purchase vouchers for Heineken®, Guinness, Tiger, or Apple Fox (bottle only), available in bottle or draught.

You’ll receive your vouchers via email. Once the redemption period commences, show your voucher to the bar you’ve purchased it from to redeem. You’ll receive an extra beer, stout, or cider from HEINEKEN Malaysia as a way of saying thanks. So, if you’ve purchased a voucher for a glass of Heineken®, you’ll get two glasses when you redeem – at no extra cost.


3. How does this help bars and pubs?

Raise Our Bars helps in two ways – firstly, it provides a platform that bars and pubs can join at no cost, which will help them with generating income during these tough times. 100% of the voucher purchase money will go directly to the bar or pub you’ve selected, giving them a vital injection of cash to help pay rent, wages, and other ongoing costs.

Secondly, it will help bars to bring in customers, providing a much needed boost to their businesses.


4. How is HEINEKEN Malaysia contributing to Raise Our Bars?

In addition to creating the platform, HEINEKEN Malaysia will ‘double up’ your voucher purchase – so when you purchase one drink, you will receive two. The cost of the second drink will be reimbursed to the outlet by HEINEKEN Malaysia.


5. What is the ‘voucher purchase period’, ‘voucher redemption period’ and ‘voucher validity period?

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for an in-depth illustration.


6. What payment methods are available?

Payment can be made using Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards, or via bank transfer through FPX.


7. I’ve made payment successfully but I have not received my vouchers via email.

Do check your junk/spam email as a first step. Alternatively, you may also download the vouchers by clicking on ‘My Account’ and subsequently ‘Orders’. Your vouchers will be available for download here. If the vouchers are not available, do drop us an email at help@raiseourbars.my or call us at 010-2880927 or 010-2880914


8. Can I get a physical voucher?

There is no limit to the number of vouchers you can purchase via the platform. However, voucher purchase per outlet is limited to a maximum of five (5) vouchers per person. Any vouchers found to be purchased above this limit from a single account may be cancelled, refunded and deemed null and void.


9. When will I receive my voucher?

You will receive your voucher via email within three (3) working days of purchase.


10. I have not received my voucher, what’s going on?

If you still haven’t received your voucher within three working days from your purchase, check your spam folder. If it’s still not there, contact us at help@raiseourbars.my or please contact 010-2880927 or 010-2880914 for any enquiries and we will help you out. Phone call charges may apply. (Monday to Saturday, 11am – 9pm)


11. I have not received my voucher, what’s going on?

Yes. Vouchers may be used by anyone who has the link. However, each voucher can only be used once.


12. Can I exchange my vouchers for cash, or use them for any other purchase from the outlet?

No. Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash or any other purchase.


13. Can I buy a voucher for one product (e.g. Heineken®) and choose another product (e.g. Guinness) for my free drink?

No. Your additional free drink will be the same as the one you have purchased.


14. My favourite bar or restaurant isn’t there. How can they be included?

If your favourite bar serves Heineken®, Guinness, Tiger or Apple Fox, they have already been approached to join. If you can’t find them on our list, this means that the outlet has declined participation. Please do consider supporting another nearby bar which has signed up.


15. What happens if the bar I purchased a voucher for does not reopen?

In the unfortunate event that the outlet you have chosen to help does not reopen after dine-in restrictions are lifted, contact us at help@raiseourbars.my or 010-2880927 or 010-2880914 and we will make a full refund of your purchase.


16. I did not receive the ‘Mystery Gift’ when I redeemed the voucher in outlet?

Apologies – the ‘Mystery Gift’ is given on a complimentary basis and is strictly while stocks last.


17. Can I cancel my purchase?

No. Purchases made are non-refundable, save for purchases made for outlets which do not reopen after the dine-in restrictions are lifted.


18. Are my transactions safe and secure?

Yes, we have created a highly secure platform for our community. Your personal details, including credit card details, are kept safe and connection to the server is encrypted to enhance security and avoid misuse of your personal details.


Products available includes Heineken draught 330ml, Heineken bottle 325ml, Tiger draught 330ml, Tiger bottle 325ml, Guinness draught 330ml, Guinness bottle 325ml, and Apple Fox bottle 325ml. Vouchers that you purchased will state the product.

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